Any pet parent knows that from time to time, it’s a good idea to make sure your pets are free from fleas. Here are a few ways you can get rid of fleas/ticks

It’s completely normal for your furry pets to attract ticks or fleas. These parasites can present a mild threat to your pets but sometimes they can cause serious health problems. Fleas and ticks are sometimes difficult to get rid of as they like to hide under your pet’s fur and paws.

As a pet owner, always have a consistent plan to keep your pets protected and free from ticks and fleas. Here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Clean and groom your pet regularly

If you allow your pet to roam around the house and sit on the furniture, it’s a good idea to make sure their paws and fur are always clean. You should brush their fur and wash them regularly, and check for any parasites on their coat. For a more thorough clean, use wet wipes made especially to clean their paws. You can also trim their nails using a nail trimmer. There are also special dog and cat shampoos with specific anti-bacterial ingredients’ to keep fleas/ticks at bay. These shampoos can also calm your pet’s skin if they already have ticks/fleas.

2. Make sure your pet visits the vet regularly

The best way to ensure that your pet doesn’t have a flea or tick problem is to regularly see a vet to check if they are due for vaccines and are in good health. Parasites tend to attack weaker pets so keeping your pet’s health in check is one of the most important steps you can follow. Keep a schedule of when your pet needs to be dewormed, cleaned and vaccinated so that you don’t forget.

3. Get your pet the right treatment

Your vet will let you know what kind of products you can use to maintain your pet’s health. For fleas, ticks and other parasites, protective collars are the way to go. Flea and tick collars can last for months and prevent other parasites like mosquitos from attacking your pet. You can also apply topical medications called pipettes on your pet’s back every month as a preventive measure. There are specific ones for cats and dogs.

4. De-worm your pets every few months

Your pet needs to be dewormed every three months. The best way to schedule this is at the beginning of a new season when they might be vulnerable to different weather conditions. Deworming pills can prevent internal parasites like Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, and Whipworms. These worms can make your pet really sick and endanger their life.

5. Clean your home regularly

Spring clean your house every week in order to prevent an infestation, especially if you allow your dogs and cats on furniture and upholstery. Choose safe cleaning products and make sure you store them away from your pet.

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