Give a dog a lolly!

The wild dogs at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre did not know what to make of their new treat this week. Instead of their usual plate of meat, they found ice lollies!

“For the first time this week, we made ice lollies out of chicken and water, frozen in a plate, and dished it up for a bit of extra nutrients to combat stress-related health issues and also for a bit of fun,” said Nikki Stagg of the cheetah centre.

Well, dishing up ice lollies to the wild dogs definitely made for a different kind of behavior. The dogs  were very curious and surprised at first lick, but after a while, they were slurping away. “It seems to put them in a playful mood and obviously cooled them down in the heat.”

“It  gave us a chance to observe a different kind of behavior while doing health checks.”