Grandmother grabbed by the hair and threatened at knife-point after flat tyre

A gang of robbers grabbed an elderly woman by the hair and put a knife to her throat after she stopped with a flat tyre along the R513 towards Damdoryn in Hartbeespoort on Wednesday afternoon.

The 68-year-old woman and her eleven-year-old grandson were coming out of a servitude road onto the R513 near the Mount Amanzi resort when she realised one of the vehicle’s tyres was flat. “She stopped opposite a small dwelling where small children and adults were sitting, watching them,” the woman’s daughter said.

“Six men approached them from the dwelling while she was busy opening the trunk of her car to get the spare wheel. Her grandson phoned his grandfather and told him where they were for assistance. One of the men asked if he could assist the “magog”  but the next moment he grabbed her by the hair and pinned her arms while the others put a knife to her throat.”

Their cellphones were taken and the woman was pushed into the trunk of the car. She resisted and told her grandson to run towards Mount Amanzi. “An angel of a man saw the boy waving and crying and stopped. He immediately drove to the scene. Once the six men realised they couldn’t go anywhere with the vehicle, they assaulted my mother, hitting her and pushing her around and then fled the scene, throwing the vehicle keys into the bushes.”

Both the grandmother and boy are unharmed but very traumatised.

“The Brits Police were contacted and the grandmother had to go into Brits to make a statement. There she was told that there are a huge problem in the particular area due to drugs and Nigerian monopoly. The police also told her that a similar incident occurred the previous day.”

Kormorant previously reported on other attacks in same area recently. Two weeks ago a biker, Vernon Moolman (47) was attacked by seven men when he stopped near Mount Amanzi to look at the river coming down. He was forced at knife-point into the bushes, forced to give his bank cards’ pins and held for two hours before he was let go. A group of hikers was also recently attacked by a gang of seven, threatened with knives and robbed of their personal belongings.

Kormorant has asked the police for comment on the spate of robberies on this area. In the meantime, motorists are warned to be vigilant and avoid stopping along this road.