Some great tips for selling your home, the better your preparation for private viewings the better your chances are for results.

• Prep the house:
Tidy thoroughly and declutter countertops and other surface areas and a vase of fresh flowers in the entrance is always a welcoming touch.
• De-personalise your home:
This is very important because the more personal items in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.
Pack away photographs and personal clutter, and keep the fridge clear of kid’s drawings.
• Half-empty closets:
Storage space is a priority for most buyers and over-stuffed cupboards will give the impression that there is insufficient storage in your home. If possible, remove half the stuff in your closets then neatly organise what’s left.
• Buyers will inevitably check things like cupboard door hinges and will want to ascertain how much storage space there is, so make sure all your wardrobes and cabinets are clean and tidy.
• Clear the garage:
It may be the perfect place to hide the clutter from the house but buyers will want to view this space so rather take the opportunity to clear it now to make a better impression and save yourself the hassle when you move.
• Vacate the premises on the day:
It may be true that no one knows your house better than you, but viewing properties when the owner is around can make buyers feel very uncomfortable. They are also less likely to ask questions or voice opinions for fear of offending.
• Conceal the pets:
Not everyone is a dog- or cat-lover and being welcomed by wet licks or stumbling over a smelly litter box could put off a keen buyer. If possible, take the animals with you when people are viewing – or spoil them and take them for a walk.

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