Gunmen force woman off the road

A woman motorist was forced off the road by gunmen on Silkaatsnek on Wednesday and then held at gunpoint while the two men robbed her of her belongings.

A woman was forced off the road at gunpoint on Silkaatsnek.

“The woman, a Skeerpoort resident coming from Brits, was driving up Silkaatsnek in the Hartbeespoort direction behind a slow-moving truck around 14:00 when two men in a white hatchback vehicle pulled up alongside her, pointed a gun at her and indicated she must pull off. When she stopped, the gunmen jumped out and ordered her to unlock her door at gunpoint. A second suspect climbed into the passenger seat and went through all her belongings stealing her cellphone and handbag before fleeing the scene,” Romano van der Spuy, chairman of the Hartbeespoort Community Policing Forum said.

The CPF is very concerned that this type of robbery can occur on a busy road in broad daylight. Police have been notified about this armed robbery and are investigating. Fortunately, the female victim was not injured but she was highly traumatised.”

Motorists are cautioned to be vigilant on this stretch of road on the R511 between Brits and Hartbeespoortdam.