So many good knives get buried in a drawer because they are blunt and a DIY sharpening job is rarely successful. Get them out, because help is here!
Frederich Redelinghuys, a professional knife-maker has opened a knife and scissor sharpening service in Hartbeespoort and already knife enthusiasts and chefs are queueing to sharpen their blades.
“I have had a passion for knives since I was small. I used to save money to buy knife magazines as a teenager. I could never walk past a shop that sold knives. Five years ago my wife said this must now stop, and she bought me a knife-making course,” he laughs.
Frederich started making knives and selling them. “Obviously I had to get sharpening tools and while selling my knives I realised that there was an even bigger demand for sharpening. And voila… a new business was born.
“My wife says a hobby turned into a passion and now an obsession.”
He opened GVG Sharpening Service in August at the Dreiers Centre (next to the car wash).
Although he has a small wooden office in the centre, clients will most likely find him under the carport in the fresh air where he sharpens knives and scissors. He also sells his own unique knives here.
So, if you need a blade sharpened, visit Friedrich in his open-air office at the Dreiers Centre.
Contact Friedrich at 076 031 5459.

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