A businessman from Hartbeespoort is suing the Tshwane metro police department for R50 million for physical and physiological injuries, as well as loss of income, after he was assaulted and traumatised by metro police officers.

Stanley Kirton

Stanley Kirton was allegedly assaulted, injured and intimidated by two TMPD officers on the R511 near Hartbeespoort on 8 June 2022 after being pulled off the road. Besides cuts and bruises, Stanley also sustained serious ankle injuries.
Stanley was pulled over during a time when police advised motorists suspicious of bogus traffic cops to drive to a public place. “I followed the advice and drove to the nearby animal welfare organisation. At first, the officers drove past and then returned. They told an employee at the gate that I was a most wanted man. They said I had driven away from them and they were arresting me. One said to me ‘tonight you sleep in jail and you are going to get raped, and your children are going to juvenile jail.” They wanted to cuff me and told me to get into the police van.”
According to Kirton this was followed by an assault with him ending up injured on the ground. His son was allegedly also assaulted. The incident was filmed by his son’s friend.
According to the summons handed in at the High Court in Pretoria, Kirton suffered “torn ligaments and an astounding number of bruised areas.”
According to the court documents, Kirton was “pushed, pulled, slammed to the ground and cut with keys and bloody cuffs.”
“The plaintiff has suffered not only physical and mental injuries but since the incident suffered a loss of income, severe emotional shock, trauma and grief and impaired mental health.”
Kirton claims R7 million for loss of income, R40 million for general damages and R800 000 for legal expenses.
He is represented by Advocate Quintin Steyn from the Pretoria Society of Advocates.

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