Harties clean and restore project once again was a resounding success.

Young and old pitched in to clean up Hartbeespoort

This project was initiated by Rotary Brits Hartbeespoort, WESSA Northern areas and Birdlife Harties in May this year, to create a pride in the town by its residents, as well as improving its image to encourage the influx of tourists and potential investors in the property market. This cleanup also celebrated World clean-up day.

The newly formed Harties Ignite and Revive organisation also joined forces with the project on Saturday.

It was with great enthusiasm that at 07:00 on Saturday 17 September, the various teams gathered at their allocated meeting points around the dam. From Schoemansville resort where the WESSA Gazebos were quickly erected and staffed by WESSA Birdlife and Rotary members. The key focus areas were the dam edge, Zoo to the dam wall and the area around the bird island in Ifafi. A number of teams from various estate agencies were tackling the verges and roads including sweeping up sand, rubbish, and leaves in the roads. To the east, the teams gathered on the banks of the Crocodile River to tackle the challenge of heavy plastic pollution in trees and debris left after the flood waters.

Kosmos residents and residents of the informal settlement Orange Farm, took on the task of cleaning their areas.

Harties Ignite and Revive focused on the town areas of Schoemansville, Meerhof up to Refenste and 10 Rooms.

The Madibeng Municipality assisted with trucks and transport throughout the day, including a front-end loader to remove large heaps of rubble and rubbish. Municipal workers also repainted traffic lines on key roads in the area.

Estate agencies and various Hartbeespoort businesses were very visible during the cleanup.

“On behalf of the organising organisations we thank you the Harties community and business owners for your support and look forward to working with you all again. We encourage all sector leaders to continue with their projects in cleaning and restoring their areas and not wait for another mass planned event. Remember next year we celebrate one hundred years of the Hartbeespoort Dam,” said John Wesson of WESSA, Birdlife Harties and Rotary Brits Hartbeespoort.

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