Hartbeespoort Dam clean-up: 80 tons of litter and debris removed

The second Hartbeespoort Clean-up, initiated by Coastal Ghost earlier this year, was a huge success with approximately 80 tons of litter and debris removed from all around the dam.

Hartbeespoort residents, visitors from elsewhere, non-profit organisations and businesses joined hands and over 300 people, on land and on boats in the water, took part in the clean-up.

“We were completely overwhelmed by the turnout and it exceeded all of our expectations. With several people already requesting another event, the answer is simple… The next clean-up has already kicked off. If you come across litter on the banks or on the dam, take charge, remove it and inspire even more people. This is what social responsibility and inspirational leadership is all about,” said Etienne Keyser, the event controller.

“There was no funding for this project, and this illustrates what can be achieved when a community holds hands. We are planning to do a clean-up on the last Saturday of every month over the next couple of months. The Harties Foundation has already taken a lead on this.”

Brits/Hartbeespoort Rotary members helped with the clean up
80 Tons of litter and debris were removed.