Hartbeespoort is drowning in sewage

Hartbeespoort is literally drowning in sewage due to a number of faulty pump stations in Schoemansville and Ifafi.

Raw sewage flows into the Hartbeespoort Dam daily.

According to information, the Rietfontein sewage plant currently receives little or no sewage flow from the pump stations.

In Meerhof sewage is spilling from two pump stations, one on the Meerhof School grounds. The school will now have to vacate certain classrooms, as dams of sewage surround the buildings.

In Melodie in Schubart Street, two manholes are overflowing and sewage runs into the Hartbeespoort Dam. The pump stations in Scott Street near the dam wall are both blocked. The Ifafi pump station does not pump sewage to the sewage works, meaning that it either does not receive sewage from other stations, or it is not functioning.

Despite urgent calls for intervention the past month, the Madibeng municipality seems to ignore the environmental disaster waiting to happen. Kormorant has sent enquiries about the Meerhof School health hazard for the past month, with no response.

None of the pump stations in the Hartbeespoort sewage lines are functioning.

Councillors report sewage spills on a regular basis, but it seems to fall on deaf ears, they say. The municipality has not responded to new enquiries this week. Concerned community members requested an urgent meeting with the administrator and municipal manager this week. However, after various confirmations the administrator and municipal manager failed to attend the scheduled meeting.

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