HAWS inundated with unwanted pets

The Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) is currently looking after a large number of dogs and cats in its shelter following a challenging December and beginning of 2022.

Skylar is one of the many unwanted pets taken in by HAWS

Just in the first two weeks of the new year, 20 dogs and 10 cats had been taken in at the shelter and the kennels are chock-a-block full.

“December has also been a hard month with a large number of people handing over their pets,” says chairperson Linda Spencer-Coye. Fireworks during new year celebrations also did not help in alleviating the shelter animals, and community members’ pets, contributing to the increase in animals at HAWS. “We currently urgently need pet food, especially cat food.”

Despite a hard two years, HAWS is grateful for the support of members of the community.

“With an amazing donation from an equally amazing man we were able to open our Tree Garden for the adult cats which has so greatly improved the quality of their lives while in our care. A small group of people had a huge impact when a fund was started to fix our road. The worst affected part of the road has been repaired and anyone traveling to HAWS will agree it has made a huge difference to the vehicles but it has also stopped the office from been flooded when we have heavy rain. Our waiting room, reception and bathroom were given a makeover and our isolation area was sponsored with a beautiful shade port that provides essential shade for our sick puppies. So many people were generous with their time by visiting the animals taking them for walks, cooking special treats for them.

So many donations from books to beds and blankets or toys for the animals. Financial donations both large and small kept us going. We are so grateful,” she says.

“To all the wonderful people who did all this for HAWS, we are truly grateful and humbled by your generosity. And while you were supporting us we were hard at work saving lives, improving lives and preventing suffering.”

Thanks to the HAWS clinic team 1 900 cats and dogs were sterilised last year. HAWS also assisted feral cats organisations in and around Hartbeespoort by sterilising 200 feral cats at cost. Over R600 000 were spent on medication and basic preventative care such as vaccinations to treat sick and injured animals.

“Our work is noticed and appreciated and for that we thank you, all of you amazing people who care and we hope that you will continue to keep us in your thoughts, prayers and kind considerations in this coming year,” she said.