Your child’s hair can be curly, or straight, so long as it’s healthy. Here’s how you can help your child’s locks reach their full potential.

 Here’s how you can help keep your little one’s hair healthy and strong.

Is your child’s hair frizzy, dry, split, or prone to breaking? Are you battling to get your child’s hair to grow beyond a certain length? Getting the right products for your child’s hair is a great start to helping them on the journey to healthy hair, but did you know that what your child puts into their body also has a huge impact on the health of their hair?

The importance of good fats

Moisture is a basic right for all hair, and while you could be diligently moisturising your child’s hair from the outside with shampoo and conditioner, neglecting to moisturise their hair from the inside could be what is letting your child’s hair down. Encouraging your child to eat foods that are rich in fatty acids is not only great for your child’s overall health but also beneficial for their hair. A diet rich in seeds, fatty fish, avocado, and nuts can do wonders for your child’s hair, its elasticity, and promoting a natural shine.

Beta-carotene for thicker hair

Beta carotene is a plant pigment that gives red, orange, and yellow vegetables their colour and can be converted by the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A is a great food for your child’s hair follicles and helps their locks grow thicker. Foods like carrots, sweet-potato are rich in beta carotene, delivering super doses of vitamin A to your child, contributing to better skin and hair health.

The power of Zinc

Zinc-rich foods are a super hair growth replenisher, especially if your child suffers hair loss. A zinc deficiency can present in hair loss, thinning hair, and the sudden appearance of bald patches on your child’s scalp. Speak to your healthcare provider who can recommend a multi-vitamin for your child, that contains all the essential vitamins they need, including zinc.  

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