Herbs & Spices – Biltong Spices

You don’t get more South African than Biltong! For all those meat lovers, I share with you today a very special biltong spice recipe made with a very special Pepper, the Cape Long Pepper.

The exotic Cape Long pepper is by far one of my favourites! It’s richness in flavour, spice and citrusy profile makes it a great addition to any red meat, cheese and even desert!

Cape long pepper also known in Afrikaans as Bospeper is a native South African long pepper with seed spikes on average longer than 40 mm and up to 100 mm.

The cape long pepper tree is very scarce and we therefore have to source our pepper from other african countries like Kenya.

Long Pepper is a close relative to Black Pepper, though it is hotter (without the lasting ‘bite’ of other pepper) with some sweet undertones.

These uniquely flavoured pepper spikes have a strong citrus flavour and the aroma of biltong.

This is a small but long catkin that can be grated or crushed just before use. It compliments any rich food, especially if it is buttery or red meat.

“Aroma of Biltong” – Here is a biltong spice recipe you can try out for yourself.

Biltong Spice Recipe
● 3 Cups Whole Coriander
● 1 Cup Whole Black pepper
● 1 Cup Whole Cape Long pepper
● 1-2 Cups Salt

Grind the Coriander and two peppers individually and mix all ingredients together with a spoon, mixer or by shaking thoroughly in a closed container.
Store in an airtight container out of sunlight and use as needed.