Home Renovations That Add the Most Resale Value

Renovations are a long-term investment because they increase the value of your home.

A home is a life-changing investment which must not be taken lightly. Home acquisition is undertaken for two main reasons by many people. One of them is to find a place of comfort and rest which they can own and truly call home. The second reason is to buy a property with a plan to resell it at a higher price after rehabilitation or just due to the natural rising of property prices in the market. For those with plans to resell, there are some cost-effective renovations you can undertake to increase the value of the property. Which ones should be considered?


Motor vehicle security is a big concern for many people. A well-secured garage is therefore one of the first considerations for many home buyers. You can choose to renovate your garage by putting in new lights for better visibility, set up a remote-controlled gate instead of a manual gate, and possibly put new secure locks on the doors to the garage.


Windows in a home are not just for visibility but they add a new appeal to a home. You can upgrade your windows by replacing broken window panes, give the window panes a fresh coat of paint and make sure their locking features are fixed.

Landscape appeal

One of the first things buyers of properties notice is the exterior of the property. A poorly maintained garden can therefore be a big turn off for buyers. You can enhance this part of the house by planting a new lawn or placing some plants in strategic corners of the garden. You just need to ensure that your chosen grass and plants are suitable for the particular area’s climatic conditions so that they blossom with ease.


Bathrooms play a vital role in people’s wellbeing. It’s therefore not surprising that buyers pay attention to this detail. While installing a jacuzzi may prove too expensive, you can add a better bathtub, a double sink instead of a single one, recessed lighting, new flooring, and wall tiles.


Kitchens can make or break a property transaction. Consider putting in new tiles, better lighting, new cupboards, and make sure the taps are well functioning. You can also put a window over the sink for those who enjoy such.


Lighting inside and outside your home can make a huge difference. Inside your home, you can remove old fittings and add modern lighting fixtures. The type of lights in place must also be energy conserving. For the external lighting, you can choose between solar garden lights or LED outdoor lighting which will both save money on energy bills.

Solar panels and Water tanks

Not everyone is privileged in South Africa to receive constant supply of electricity and water. Solar panels and sufficient water tanks are therefore serious attractive additions especially in areas where they struggle with electricity and water supply.

The renovations and property additions listed above will certainly give your home much needed added value.