Honesty Library – read and donate

Have you visited Village Mall’s Honesty Library yet? Borrow a book…for free! Return it or bring another one back in it’s place.

The Honesty Library at Village Mall.

Village Mall recently launched the Honesty Library in an attempt to not only encourage people to read, but also to give those who cannot afford it access to reading material.

“In these difficult times, many people are struggling to eat and books are a luxury. And reading is important. Honesty libraries are very successful in other countries, so we thought why not? We trust in people’s honesty. They can borrow books and we expect them to bring it back or replace it with a different book. Bargain Books is a co-sponsor and we thank them for their contributions from time to time,” says Martie van Bavel, Village Mall’s marketing manager.

The concept of honesty libraries is not a new one. Many people have probably seen the bookshelves in hotels and guest houses where previous visitors left books behind that you can take and read if you like. I have also left a book that I had finished on an airport bench and likewise also picked one up.

If you have books taking up space in your home, bring them to Village Mall’s Honesty Library at the Checkers entrance to the mall.