A gloomy home is not a good place to enjoy living in. How can you brighten up your home?

The subdued sunlight we experience during the winter season can often leave homes looking dark and gloomy. Airy, well-lit spaces have the ability to boost moods and can play a huge role in how the decor in your home looks. There are a number of things you can do to maintain the ambiance and energy in your home throughout the day.

Here’s how to brighten up your home with ease:

Purchase light coloured furniture

Light coloured furniture can instantly give your home a brighter look. Consider swapping out your dark couch for a lighter colour such as fawn or off-white. If you’re on a budget, you can purchase light coloured slip covers for an instant face-lift.

Add some plants

Plants can liven up any space, not just because they literally provide oxygen, but because their green colour ignites feelings of well-being and vitality.

Use mirrors to reflect more light into your space

To make your home look brighter, you can strategically place mirrors opposite the windows in your home. The light that comes through the windows will bounce off the mirrors and be reflected throughout the room, which amplifies the brightness.

Use materials with natural accents

Materials that are natural/neutral such as light coloured rattan, wood finishes, and even light coloured wool can be great for adding finishing touches that will brighten up a room.

Think about lighter flooring

You may want to consider swapping out your mahogany floors for a lighter coloured hardwood or even replacing that dark or slate tile with a more neutral shade. Brighter flooring has the added benefit of making any room look more spacious. Alternatively, you can add a bright rug to lighten up any area.

Paint your walls a light colour

Colours such as white, off-white, and light blue are great for adding light to your home. Consider painting your walls with one of these or any other light colour, especially if you have rooms in your home which are currently painted with a dark colour.

Keep your walls a little bare with bright art

Keeping your walls uncluttered with a minimalist style allows more light to be reflected around the room. You can also add a few bright art pieces to make the aesthetic in your home more vibrant and colourful.

Add various types of lighting

Portable lighting such as fairy lights, Himalayan salt lamps, lanterns, and floor lamps can be strategically placed around the home to brighten up spots that natural light doesn’t easily reach.

Metallic touches can easily brighten up your space

Silver and gold decor accessories can give your home just the right amount of shine and shimmer it needs to appear brighter and more dazzling.

Make the decor in your home stand out and make your living space look and feel more inviting by incorporating some of the tips above to brighten up your home.

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