How to choose the right nappy bag for you and your baby

When choosing the ideal nappy bag for both you and your baby consider your needs, lifestyle, and personal taste.

 With so many nappy bags on the market, it can be tricky finding the perfect one.

If you’re looking at investing in a nappy bag, it’s important to choose a bag that is both functional and practical.

Since you’ll be toting it around with you for a while to come, not only do you want essentials within reach but quality that serves you well over that time. Depending on the occasion (whether it’s a quick trip to the store or an all-day outdoor activity) you might see the necessity of investing in more than one.

Size matters

Choose a nappy bag that offers as many functional features as you need. Nappy bags – be they small or spacious – should be able to accommodate all the essentials for babies, toddlers, and children alike. The size of the bag depends on the length of time you’ll be away from home. Generally, the longer you’re away from home, the more goodies you’ll need to pack and the bigger the bag. However, remember that a nappy bag that is too big and bulky can be a mission to lug around and hurt your back.

Opt for a waterproof nappy bag

Look for waterproofed bags that feature easy to reach storage compartments that allow you to organise, separate, and find necessities like baby bottles, food, medication, nappies, and wipes.

Mommy can use these dividers for her cell phone, car keys, and purse or keep a separate purse inside the bag to prevent rummaging for your personal items. A bag made from durable easy to clean material like nylon will last you longer than one made from light-coloured fabrics prone to staining and tearing.

Remember comfort is key

With a baby in one arm and a nappy bag in the other, you’ll need to choose a bag that’s comfortable and convenient to carry about as it is stylish. Take your cue from the kind of handbag you use, this might be the first clue to your preference where the fit of the nappy bag, strap length, and width is concerned although it shouldn’t overshoot practicality. Look for padded straps or an adjustable strapping system (Velcro) so you can convert a shoulder strap to a messenger sack or a stroller bag.

  • Traditional nappy bags are square-shaped with long over-the-shoulder straps but modern mothers can make their selection from a wide variety.
  • Nappy totes feature fewer pockets, dividers, and accessories and can be used for multipurpose shopping, business, or travel as a result.
  • Backpacks are ideal for leaving both your hands free, particularly sensible for outdoor activities, and the nappy bag of choice for men to lug around.
  • Messenger nappy bags (usually associated with delivery men) have one long wide strap that makes it easy to sling across the shoulder, distributing the weight of the bag along the length of the back and leaving both hands free.

Find a nappy bag that compliments your style

Choose a nappy bag in a style, colour, and pattern that suits your everyday taste. If bold colours appeal to you, then have fun with intricate patterns, fun fabrics, and trims but if you’re trendy, go for a sophisticated, chic nappy bag that looks like a purse or handbag.  Play it safe with a neutral colour so that both parents will want to carry the bag (dad might not be as into that pretty floral paisley print as you are).