How to clean your wiper blades

Nothing is more irritating than wiper blades making streaks across your windscreen or squeaking while activated.

Replacing them to solve this irritation is not always necessary, either.

Follow these simple suggestions

Once you have pulled the blades into an upright position, inspect them to see if they are cracked.
If at all cracked, you will, unfortunately, have to replace them.
If not, take a cloth, preferably a micro-fibre, and soak it in vinegar or a 5/50 mix of vinegar and warm water.
Wipe the blades down a couple of times.
You can also use rubbing alcohol or just warm, soapy water.
Some suggest using WD40 on your cloth, but that may contain petroleum products that may not be good for the rubber blades over time.
Ensure that the windscreen is also cleaned before you move the blades back to its rest position.

The result will be a clean, clear and streak-free window and excellent visibility during that unexpected rainstorm.