How to decorate on a small budget

Decorating your home can give it character, but the process does not have to break the bank

Decorating a home is often associated with huge costs that one would have to save up for and plan well in advance. The truth is, it’s possible to decorate your space without splurging huge amounts that will leave a dent in your finances.

Here’s how you can beautify your space on a budget:

1. Buy second-hand furniture and decor

One way to keep your decorating costs at a minimum is to buy second-hand furniture and decor. Pre-loved items can often be as good as buying items straight from the store. There are many physical second-hand stores as well as online stores and marketplaces where you can buy affordable furniture and decor.

Second-hand items are a bargain because if you’re purchasing items that are still in good condition, there’s hardly any difference between them and items that are fresh out the box.

2. Plan some fun, creative DIY projects

An inexpensive way to decorate your space is to create some fun, DIY projects. This will help you personalise your space how you see fit, whereas buying from the store limits you to the style that’s on sale.

So, get your art supplies and tools out and get ready to make your space truly your own. There are tons of blogs and YouTube videos that provide instructions on how to DIY furniture and decor items.

3. Host a swap meet

If you’re on a budget, you can choose to host a swap meet. A swap meet is when people meet up to exchange used items. Do this with people who have similar tastes to you so that you can swap items you no longer want for items you’d like to have.

4. Buy inexpensive statement pieces

Buying cheap statement pieces is a good way to decorate without spending too much money. Buy bold vases, small colourful rugs, and ornaments. Another way to spruce up your space is to use decals and wallpaper on your walls. They’re a temporary and cost effective way to elevate your home’s aesthetic.

5. A fresh coat of paint can spruce up your living space

A quick way to upgrade your home is to paint the walls. There’s something about freshly painted walls that brings new energy into a space. The best part is that painting can be quite affordable. All you have to do is buy a couple of paint tins. Alternatively, you can choose to paint one side of your wall one colour to create a different visual appeal.

If you want to spruce up your home, you can do it on a budget. You don’t have to spend beyond your budget in order to beautify your space. Simply follow the steps above to get started on making your house feel like home.