When everyone’s at home together all the time, you can’t blame parents for wanting to keep their favourite snacks all to themselves.

 Snack attack: Where’s the best place to hide snacks from the kids?

The art of keeping your snacks hidden from your kids is so intricate, that it deserves mention! In case you didn’t know, as a mother, you’ll never be able to enjoy your favourite snacks in peace again. So what’s a (snackish) mom to do?

Here are two of the most creative and effective ways moms have come up with to enjoy their favorite foods without their kids noticing.

Place them in the bag of mixed vegetables

The pantry cupboard is a terrible place to keep your snacks. Rather use the freezer! Your stars have aligned if your kids go through the freezer looking for vegetables instead of ice-cream. The chances of your kids finding your chocolate in a mixed vegetable bag are slim to none.

If the freezer isn’t ideal, then opt for the veggie rack of the fridge. One mom on Facebook said, “the vegetable drawer in the bottom of the fridge is the last place my family will ever look, I’ve been hiding my stuff there for years”. You go girl!

Pretend to be eating a lettuce leaf

Now, this is a snack hack we’ve never tried: hiding a snack in a lettuce leaf! While this may sound a little extreme, some moms say they wrap their snacks up in a lettuce leaf to “transport” them from the fridge to the lounge without anyone noticing, so you can snack on the sly.

At the end of the day, it isn’t like parents are trying to keep a deep, dark secret. But, when you have a snack craving, you want to have your favorite snack available, right? Right!

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