How to make the most of parent-teacher Zoom meetings

A parent-teacher Zoom meeting will help you learn more about your child’s academic performance, learning style and social interaction.

How to make the most of parent-teacher zoom meetings
 Write down a list of questions ahead of a Zoom meeting with your child’s teacher.

Attending parent-teacher Zoom meetings and asking insightful questions can help you stay on top of your child’s performance, skills, challenges, and behaviour in the classroom. You can also build a collaborative relationship with your children’s teachers and discover more ways to help your child outside the classroom, too.

Let’s explore 7 questions parents should ask at a parent-teacher Zoom meeting.

  1. How well your child is doing academically is likely one of your top priorities as a parent, so ask what your child excels at, what they can improve, and how you can help.
  2. To better understand how your child is coping at school, ask their teacher how they do in social situations with peers and whether your child likes to get involved in class discussions.
  3. Knowing what the daily class schedule is and the kinds of assessments and activities your child is taking part in while at school is important for identifying whether they are comfortable in their school environment. Ask your child’s teacher what the daily typical schedule for your child is and what the philosophy is regarding classroom discipline.
  4. Ask questions to discover how you can build a partnership with your child’s teacher such as what the best way to contact them is and how to stay informed of school programmes and your child’s success.
  5. If your child is struggling academically for their grade level and age, ask the teacher what you can do at home to help with homework, a project, or studying.
  6. To better understand why your child may be having issues with other children, ask the teacher to describe your child’s socialisation style, and what the school’s policy on bullying is.
  7. At the end of the Zoom meeting, ask your child’s teacher if there is any topic relating to your child that needs to be addressed before the meeting ends.