There’s a lot you can do to clean up your garden for autumn and give yourself a head start by the time spring comes around.

Autumn is known as the season where plants wilt and leaves fall off trees. You may think that there’s little to be done to prepare a garden for autumn, but the truth is, leftover dead foliage from summer can ruin your plants’ ability to flourish in the springtime. There’s a lot you can do to clean up your garden for autumn and give yourself a head start by the time spring comes around.

1. Take note of your garden

The first thing you should do to prepare your garden for autumn is to take note of what your garden currently looks like. Are there any overgrown plants that need to be pruned? Is your soil healthy? Are there dead plants that need to be discarded for the overall health of your garden?

Ask yourself these questions and prepare to make the necessary changes.

2. Move your potted herbs indoors

Potted herbs don’t do well in low temperatures. It’s best to move them to a patio, balcony or inside your home when autumn comes around. This will help you enjoy the herbs for longer.

3. Put weed killer on your lawn

Garden experts recommend that you apply weed killer at least twice per year on your lawn to prevent the growth of weeds. Putting weed killer on your lawn in autumn will help kill weed seeds that have implanted themselves in the summer, ensuring that by the time spring comes around, your garden is weed-free.

4. Examine your trees for signs of broken branches

Broken branches can be dangerous as they can harm people and potentially damage your property. A good habit to adopt is to regularly check your trees for broken branches, especially in autumn. This can also help your trees grow well.

5. Collect seeds from your plants

Autumn is the perfect time to collect seeds. In order to do this, avoid harvesting a few of your plants’ fruits and flowers and allow them to become ripe or dry out instead.

6. Remove mulch to prevent mold or mildew

You should remove mulch from your tree trunks and stems to prevent moisture from getting trapped because this can impact the health of your plants negatively as plants with mold and mildew are known to be susceptible to disease.

Preparing a garden for autumn is more than just about the specific season itself, it’s also about making sure that your garden is healthy enough to flourish when spring and summer finally come around again. By using the above 6 tips, you can ensure that your garden is in tip-top shape in autumn and beyond.

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