How to uncover your child’s hidden talents

By understanding your child’s strengths at a young age, you can help grow and develop their talents into something extraordinary.

How to uncover your child's hidden talents
 It’s important for parents can help their children develop their natural talents.

Is your child a good singer, a budding artist, or a great soccer player?

You may not realise it until your child is older, but all children have hidden talents that, if nurtured and encouraged to flourish, can grow into something extraordinary. Typically, talent starts – and grows – at home.

According to one study, 22 of 24 great performers – ranging from chess players to figure skaters – were introduced to their talent domains by their parents, usually between the ages of two and five. Simply put, the early you start encouraging your child’s talents at home, the better. Once you get a good idea of where your child’s talent may lie, you can let them explore the many angles of a given activity and encourage them to express themselves creatively. 

While there are so many different talents your child may have, we’ve zoned in on three domains – sport, art, and music –  and some things you can do to help your child unearth these hidden talents.

If your child shows an interest in sport 

Participating in sports can be good for kids, and this could help them find a sport they like or have a natural talent for. They’ll also make new friends and find a group of people who will help them follow their dreams and figure out what’s important to them. 

If your child shows an interest in art

Is your child a budding artist? If so, why not give them an art space at home? If you have room, it’s great to have a specific area where kids can do art and make a mess. We recommend stocking up with items such as paper, pencils, crayons, glue, cardboard, and some inexpensive watercolour and tempera paints for younger children. As children get older, give them good quality supplies, and ask family to opt for art supplies over toys for birthdays and special occasions.

If your child shows an interest in music

Have you noticed your child singing at random intervals or choosing musical instruments over other items to engage with? There are many ways you can help your child develop their love for music, but one of the best ways is with formal lessons. Music classes can help identify your child’s unique abilities and work with them to enhance and improve their performance.