“I don’t want no Corona infection…” – Hartbeespoort school releases catchy Coronavirus awareness music video

Hartbeespoort High School took social media by storm on Thursday with their release of a catchy Coronavirus awareness music video.

The music video, shot by filmmaker Paul Kruger with a song written by well-known singer, Machiel Roets, features the high school band and learners at the school.

“I have been watching the uplifting videos on social media of people living in isolation in Europe making music from their balconies and other similar videos. I thought let’s do something here that will appeal to young people and raise awareness amongst our youth,” Paul says.

He contacted singer and composer, Machiel Roets with the request to write something catchy that will educate. Roets went to work immediately and the video was recorded, edited and completed within 24 hours. “It was the quickest video I have ever done.”

The music video was shot at the high school and features lead singer Divan Swanepoel, Tiaan Pretorius on bass guitar, Stefan van der Kolf on lead guitar and Marko Willemse on drums.

And of course the video features President Cyril Ramaphosa’s now famous elbow bump.

“Seeing that the school cannot practice sport, the culture department can now get a bit of an edge. We can still play guitar,” he jokes.