Ifafi residents… Good luck finding your post

Ifafi residents are not able to get their post at the moment after the postboxes at the Ifafi Business Centre were taken away.

No more postboxes in Ifafi after Post Office fails to pay rent.

The Post Office postboxes in Ifafi were removed by the Ifafi Business Centre recently after the South African Post Office failed to pay rent for over a year, and ignored a court summons.

According to centre owner Henry Gerber, the post boxes were removed after a lengthy legal process. “We removed all the post from the post boxes and delivered it to the Schoemansville Post Office before removing the postboxes to a scrapyard, he said.

According to attorney Ilse Eichstadt, the money recovered from the scrapyard will be used towards the Post Office’s debt as per an agreement between the two parties.

The Ifafi Business Centre approached the court in December 2020 after previous legal action to recoup rent debt from the Post Office failed.

“They were informed that their rental contract was cancelled and following months of negotiations, they were served with a summons. Last year they vacated the premises but the postboxes remained. After several summonses with no action from the Post Office, the postboxes were removed. We have removed all the post from the postboxes and it was delivered to the Schoemansville Post Office,” Eichstadt said. “The postboxes are being sold for scrap and we have an agreement with the Post Office that the money will be used towards its debt. We are also suing the Post Office for the outstanding rental amount.”

In the meantime, residents who received post at the Ifafi postboxes are unable to get their post. When Kormorant phoned the Schoemansville Post Office, we were told that the post is there in containers and they were waiting for instruction from the area manager. It will be impossible for employees at this office to sort through thousands of letters to find a client’s post. The area manager in turn told Kormorant they will speak to the Schoemansville office to find out what is going on.
An enquiry to the SA Post Office has not been responded to at the time of going to press.