A disgusted Henco van Rooyen after being sprayed with sewage.

Imagine having to spend a whole working day in an office smelling of raw sewage! This is exactly what a Hartbeespoort resident had to endure after being drenched in raw sewage in Scott Street Street on his way to a meeting last week.

The sewage spill near the Hartbeespoort Snake and Animal Park in Scott Street has been ongoing for years. The past weeks it had been particularly nasty. “As I travel the road on my bike on a daily basis, I know how to manoeuvre the road to avoid the streaming sewage. However, on that particular morning, the traffic was such that I couldn’t use timing to avoid a car coming from ahead. I was drenched in a spray of sewage,” said Henco van Rooyen.
“I was furious! I first drove on, but I just got madder, so I turned around to the site to take photos. I was on my way to attend a meeting and there was no time to turn back for clean clothes. I arrived at work and the meeting stinking like sewage! Of course, people smelled me, but they also noticed how angry I was,” he laughed.
To make matters worse, his day turned into a hectic one, making it impossible for him to go home and change as he wanted to. “All day long I thought of what it would be like for the Madibeng mayor having to spend a day in his office smelling of ….”
Shortly after his unfortunate incident, Kormorant enquired about the sewage stream flooding Scott Street and flowing into the Hartbeespoort Dam. On Wednesday, a delegation from the municipality visited the site and a new pump was installed the same afternoon.

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