Important life skills to teach our kids

How to tie their shoe laces is an important skill to teach your child.

There are a handful of basic life skills that all children should know. We count down what these skills are.

Your child may know how to text their friends on the latest smartphone but do they know how to ride a bicycle, tie their own shoelaces, or make their own bed? While we live in a digital era, there are some basic life skills we as parents should teach our children. Do your kids know how to do the following?

Make a simple phone call

Children are great at texting, but they are unable to make a simple phone call. Yes, they can chat to their BFF’s for hours, but that’s about it. Being able to make a phone call is an important skill to have. Start by having them call a relative, then move up to calling a store and asking them what time they close. As they get older they should also learn their phone number.

Pack and unpack the dishwasher

Teach your child how to load and unpack the dishwasher properly. It’s a good skill to have – especially when kids grow up and visit their friends.

Ride a bicycle

Every child should be able to ride a bike. Make this a priority.

Make their own bed

Many adults don’t make their beds either, but it’s good to know how to do this.

Tie their laces

Thanks to Velcro shoes many kids get to primary school without knowing how to tie their shoelaces. This is an important skill to teach your child.

Pack a travel case

Going on holiday soon? Teach your child how to pack his own things. Make a checklist if you need to help him remember what to pack.