India to decide on vaccine exports within weeks

Source: Provided by Moneyweb

Indian will soon start exporting its Covid-19 vaccine. What progress has been made?

Covid-19 vaccines are currently the most sought-after products by the global community. India has joined the list of the few vaccine suppliers.

Speaking in an interview, Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar disclosed that a number of countries have made contact with regards to placing orders for the vaccine.

He however could not state when India would begin to roll out exports of the vaccine.

“I understand the anxiety but a lot of it is about practicality. I don’t think you are looking at too long a period, it should be some weeks in terms of getting clarity. What we are telling a lot of people is that this is the first month and production is now coming into stream and we need to stock take to check how much our own consumption will be”, emphasised Subrahmanyam.

South Africa and governments across the world are seeking to shore up vaccine supplies.