Renowned local water colourist, Ingrid Kolzing has recently won a coveted award at the International Watercolour Society festival “Colors of the Rainbow Nation”. Her painting “Call of the Go-Away-Bird” was awarded the “White Night” prize.

“I was so surprised. I entered the painting but competed against artists of 62 countries and never expected to achieve anything. I wasn’t even there,” she laughs.

“It is a huge honour and I feel humbled. It inspires me again to more diligently put the brush to paper.” She is indeed proof that in the hands of a master, water colours can be every bit as vibrant and sharp as oil.

“I have painted since I was a child and attended the Johannesburg Art, Music and Ballet School. However, I chose fashion design as a career. And then I married and had children. There was not much time for painting.”

It was only when she reached the age of 40 and her children were starting to leave the nest that she decided she wanted to return to her old love – painting. She put brush to paper and the rest is history.

Ingrid’s award-winning painting, “Call of the Go-Away-Bird”.

Her work tells a story about a place, a face or an experience.
“Mostly my work is about nature and I put my heart in it. I tend to live in my head and feel happiest in nature. I’m a keen birder and birds often feature in my work. I also love the challenge of portraits. Painting is therapy, not just for me but also for the students I teach.”

“I do sometimes feel the need to express myself in oil. Working in both mediums makes the creative process very interesting and diverse.”

She has an annual exhibition of her work with a specific theme at her home and studio in Schoemansville where she also gives tuition in watercolour. “I am aware that I am blessed with a talent to be used for good. I never revisit a theme.” Some of the themes she has used in the past include Rooted, Water, Visual Blessings, Passages and Record the Light.

“I am terrible with marketing and mostly rely on my exhibitions. I don’t even have Facebook. The children keep on telling me I should get Instagram,” she laughs.

And the painting that won the award? “It was sold very soon after and has inspired me to be more creative.”

Contact Ingrid on 082 322 3919 to see her work or to enroll for her fun painting classes.

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