The Madibeng municipality responded to the negative findings by the Auditor General (AG) by saying the findings “support our assertion that the previous interventions in Madibeng Local Municipality have only worsened the situation and created a conducive environment for corruption and maladministration to thrive.”

Madibeng mayor Douglas Maimane

“For the period under review, it is evident that there were never proper financial controls in place to ensure that the money is used properly and consistent with all relevant legislations,” the municipality said.”The Office of the Executive Mayor notes regrettably the negative and adverse audit findings expressed by the Auditor General regarding Madibeng Local Municipality. It is worth acknowledging that our municipality has over a number of years, unable to respond to the needs of our people and practise proper sound financial management. It is even more shocking that the findings are of a period where the municipality was placed under section 139 (1b) by the North West Provincial Government.”

The municipality said it was evident that there was never proper financial control in place to ensure that the money is used properly and consistent with all relevant legislations.

“The continuous use of consultants by the municipality to prepare fundamental audit modules like financial statements is evidence that most of the staff members responsible to do the such work do not meet the minimum competency skills levels as outlined by all relevant legislation. This simply communicates to us that as this current leadership, we have no alternative but to drastically change the situation in this municipality as a matter of urgency.”

The municipality said it has committed to enforce compliance with regard to its financial management processes, including disciplinary action against officials who have been found in wrong doing. “Our municipality is also currently under intervention by both National and Provincial Treasury with regards to financial recovery plan. This process is expected to improve our capacity to manage our finances accordingly.”

Among the key challenges identified by the Auditor General, is the high vacancy rate at senior management level. The municipality is now advertising all senior management positions to finalise all appointments by the end of September 2022.

“This is key to turning around the situation in our municipality. We have now convened a special mayoral committee to give a detailed plan on what we will be doing to turn around the situation in the municipality. We shall communicate in a few days, a detailed plan including what action would be taken to recover some monies by the municipality.”

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