Sleep-related deaths are the top cause of death in babies. To avoid injury never leave their babies unsupervised in a reclining seat.

 Always practice safe sleeping guidelines when it comes to your baby.

One of the most difficult challenges for a new mom in the first few years is figuring out how to get her baby to sleep.

While there is plenty of advice on how much sleep babies should get in a 24-hour period and how to best get them into a sleep routine, there isn’t much on where they should sleep.

A recent study published in the Journal of Paediatrics looked at over 11 000 infant deaths and discovered that 350 babies died while sitting in a sitting device such as car seats, baby swings, or bouncers. Babies can fall out of a sitting device, fall from an elevated surface such as a table or chair on which it has been placed, or flip onto a soft surface (such as a couch) and suffocate if it is not used as directed. They can also be injured or killed if they are not properly buckled up.

Sleep-related deaths are the leading cause of death in infants aged one to twelve months.

To avoid injury or death, the American Association of Paediatrics recommends that parents never leave their babies unattended in these devices, whether they are sleeping or awake.

How to use a reclining seat, swing, or bouncer safely:

  • Always keep an eye on a child in a seat, swing, or bouncer.
  • Keep the straps snug, but not so tight that they obstruct your baby’s airways.
  • Consider the best practices for car seats. Don’t go over your weight limit.
  • The bouncer or swing is no longer safe if your baby can sit up on his own.

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