Join the big Harties Clean and Restore project

Residents are invited to join the big Harties Clean and Restore Project by Rotary club of Brits Hartbeespoort, WESSA Northern areas and Birdlife Harties in collaboration with a number of stakeholders, businesses and individuals on 28 May.

“The aim is a cleaner and restored town. Activities will include the repairing of pot holes, cutting of grass, painting of roads, cleaning and painting areas of the dam wall, upgrading the dam wall picnic site, pruning of trees and beautifying some areas with plants,” says John Wesson of WESSA and Rotary Club Brits/Hartbeespoort.

The focus is on the town from the Magaliesberg down to the dam and along its shoreline, including all the estates, dam wall, Damdoryn and areas to the north and south of the water including the Roos se Oord area and the R 512 T-junction. “The end goal is a town to be proud of and especially with the dam wall\Harties centenary celebration coming up in 2023.”

One of the major problems the clean-up project wants to address, is the state of the roads. “Visitors love taking a Sunday drive through our beautiful town and over the dam wall for lunch or shopping at one of the many tourist destination.

However, the roads in and around Hartbeespoort are disintegrating. Lack of funding is the key reason given by state departments. Residents can help us to address this,” Wesson says.

The project needs 18 000 bags of cold tar to restore and repair identified roads. One bag costs R65, and by buying one you can assist in restoring Hartbeespoort.

“Let us all donate and restore our beautiful dam wall and town. Every little bit counts.”

Some businesses have already started with projects. Xanadu Nature Estate has been cutting road verges, and the Harties Boat Company has been removing debris from the Hartbeespoort Dam the last week.

Please contact one of the organisers if you can assist.

The following people can be contacted in connection with the project: Jo Dreyer ( 454 1544), Stephanie Ash ( 438 2822), Annalie Jovaras ( 930 1799), John Wesson ( 444 7649), Tsungi Fundira ( 078 160 3787), Candice du Preez – Marketing\social media (