K9 police officer saves suffocating dog stuck in palisade

Sergeant Bobo Thamage with Amos

“I could see something terrible was going to happen if I don’t do something immediately. The dog was suffocating, and his tongue had already turned purple.”

Sergeant Bobo Thamage, a member of the Hartbeespoort police’s K9 unit, saved a dog from sure death after he got stuck in a palisade fence on Wednesday.
Thamage was jogging with his service dog, Amos, in Harrington Street in Schoemanville when he came across the dog. “I heard a woman screaming for help and went to look what was going on. I found her at a fence where a dog had put his head through the fence and got stuck. He had turned his head, and his neck was wedged tightly in the palisade, suffocating him. I tied my dog to a fire hydrant and ran to help. The woman had tried to free him, but he wanted to bite,” Thamage said.
“I grabbed him by the mouth to prevent biting, turned his head and pushed him up and out. He seemed to be fine afterwards.” A veterinarian from the nearby Hartbeespoort Animal Clinic rushed to the scene, but the dog had already been freed.
“I don’t know why this is news,” a baffled “Thamage said. “We do these kinds of things often. People probably just don’t know.”
Thamage has been with the police’s dog unit since 2010. “I have loved dogs since I was small. When I first went to school, I was bullied at bit, and when I told my father he said: ‘Let’s get you a dog to protect you.’ Since then I have always had dogs. My whole family loves dogs. ”Besides his beloved service dog, Amos, Thamage has a 12-year-old Pitbull and a Boerboel cross Labrador at home.
The animal clinic praised Thamage for his quick response on social media:
“A very BIG THANK YOU to Sergeant Thamage, from Hartbeespoort Dog Unit. Sgt. Thamage saved a helpless dog from dying after being trapped in a palisade fence today.
One of our veterinarians rushed to the scene to assist, but Sgt Thamage had already freed the distressed dog.
Thank you for your love and kindness towards animals Sgt. Thamage. We salute you – for this world keeps turning because of people like you!”