The storm-water drainage system has once again failed Ladysmith after high water levels caused flooding in the CBD.

 Valves fail, leading to more flooding in town.

Check valves (rubber non-return valves) connected to the storm-water drainage system have once again failed Ladysmith.

The valves are in place to prevent river water from back-flowing down the drain outlets, which pour into the Klip River, when water-flow down the river is higher than the outlets.

Roads in CBD officially closed

Roads in the low-lying CBD were closed after flooding hit Ladysmith yesterday (March 15).

The flooding resulted from the storm-water outlets not being able to discharge into the Klip River due to extremely high river levels. Throughout the district, it has been confirmed that all rivers and dams have recorded an increase in the volume of water.

Alfred Duma Local Municipality spokesperson, Siyabonga Maphalala, said that Ladysmith residents should all observe patience and willingness to be guided beyond normal standards and routines, as everyone is in a rush.

“Incidents and accidents should be avoided. The current floods are not permanent and in due time, the situation will be back to normal,” said Maphalala.

“It is obvious that the business sector has been affected negatively, and council places on record that this was due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We can only confirm that our teams are ready for mop-up interventions once the Klip River water levels have subsided,” he added.

At this stage, council appeals to everyone to be calm and observe all the safety protocols in place.

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