Injured vultures at the VulPro vulture centre near Hartbeespoort will now be able to have laser treatment after the centre recently obtained a small animal veterinary laser machine.

Kerri Wolter busy with laser treatment on a vulture

“We are super excited. After four years of planning and raising funds, we have finally managed to purchase our very own machine for vulture treatments. This is a game changer for our treatments and on-site hospital. Treatment on five injured vultures has started. This amazing laser system treats so many different ailments including the dreaded bumble-foot and we have found this to be the best treatment for this specific issue,” says Kerri Wolter, founder and CEO of VulPro.

The use of laser therapy in small animal patients has been on the rise over the last several years. More and more information is becoming available about the different uses and benefits of lasers. Light therapy has been used as an alternative treatment in human medicine for over two decades and has made its way into the veterinary world, where it’s quickly gaining a reputation as a safe, gentle and effective method of healing.

Amongst other things, it assists in muscle regeneration, wound healing, joint healing and control of acute and chronic pain.

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