Nominate the heroes in your community.

LeadSA applauds frontline heroes who through their words and actions plant a seed of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Frontline workers who during these trying times dare their health to make sure that the people of South Africa have access to essential services.

Their remarkable work reveals that not all heroes wear capes and LeadSA wants to celebrate these unsung heroes who are ensuring that people have access to healthcare facilities, the availability of transport during the regulated times and access to essential goods in the stores during the national lockdown.

Through its Not All Heroes Wear a Cape campaign, LeadSA is encouraging the public to nominate their frontline heroes.

A hero, a person whom they believe plays an important part in their community.

A hero that continues to reignite faith and a brighter future for the country.

The everyday hero who reminds people of the spirit of Ubuntu.

Nominate your hero here for them to stand a chance to be named the LeadSA Hero of the Month.

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