Lenasia mother and son (13) die after eating leftover food

The duo became violently ill after eating food left over from a party held over the weekend.

mother son die in hospital
 Photo: Camilo Jimenez/Unsplash

Police in Lenasia South are investigating the strange deaths of a 36-year-old woman and her 13-year-old son, after they reportedly ate food left over from a party.

According to Lenasia South SAPS the incident happened at Narens Farm informal settlement on Monday.

Lenasia South SAPS spokesperson Sergeant Khalipha Mvula says that it is alleged the mother and son fell ill shortly after eating the leftover food with other family and friends.

“The left-over food was from a function the family hosted on Saturday. She and her son were immediately rushed to the hospital in a serious condition but were unfortunately declared deceased upon arrival.

The exact reason for their deaths is unknown and the police are waiting for an autopsy to be done to establish the cause of death.

Mvula says that no foul play is suspected at this stage.

“Other family friends and relatives who had also consumed the food were taken to hospital to be examined.”

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