Madibeng ignores major sewage dump

It seems the Madibeng municipality has been ignoring the fact that an estimated 200 cubic metres sewage sludge had allegedly been buried in the ground at the Rietfontein wastewater treatment plant three weeks ago.

Sewage dumped

Residents close to the plant reported the incident to Kormorant when they saw workers at the plant excavating a huge area and emptying the untreated sludge from the sludge dams into the hole before it was closed up.

Despite the fact that Kormorant immediately reported the incident to Madibeng, complete with footage taken with a drone by a resident, it seems no effort has been made to investigate. Madibeng did not respond to Kormorant’s repeated enquiries.

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There is now grave concern that the groundwater in the area is already contaminated following the recent heavy rains. The Ennis Thabong Primary School and Kuierkidz school for disabled children are both nearby. Residents in the area rely on borehole water.

The plant is currently being refurbished.
The situation has been reported to the Department of Water and Sanitation.

DA water and sanitation shadow minister, Leon Basson, said he had reported the incident to the director-general of the department who promised an urgent investigation.