Madibeng licencing centre closed for two weeks due to Covid-19 infections

The Madibeng municipality’s registration authority has ground to a halt due to a  large number of Covid-19 infections among employees.

The Brits licencing centre will be closed for two weeks due to increasing COVID-19 infections at the centre, the municipality said on Sunday. “The number of infected employees has significantly affected our ability to continue with our normal daily functions of providing services to the public,” the municipality said. “It will reopen on 31 January 2021 to allow staff to quarantine and isolate and prevent further infections.”

The licencing centre had to close its doors twice last week after employees tested positive for the virus. The municipality’s two main buildings were also closed for a period of time due to COVID-19 cases. The Hartbeespoort licencing centre was closed two weeks ago and will remain closed until further notice.

The Madibeng district currently has 1598 COVID-19 positive cases, the North West Department of Health said on Monday morning.