Madibeng municipal manager asked to formulate service delivery plan for Brits

Sewage spills in Brits.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Madibeng wrote to the acting municipal manager, Noko Seanego, requesting him to devise a service delivery recovery plan for Brits. Basic services such as the delivery of consistent water supply, maintenance of sanitation and electricity are non-existent.

“Residents and businesses are forced to endure raw sewage flowing onto streets, into their homes and parks where children play. The unattended raw sewage exposes residents to several health issues. The sewage spill is caused by a lack of maintenance and upgrades to the sewerage pipelines. The sewage pump stations are not operating effectively and municipal workers refuse to attend to the clean-up of the sewage spills,” says DA councillor Ronelle Gous.

“The stormwater drains are not maintained and are regularly blocked resulting in business premises and homes being flooded when it rains. The overgrown grass and bushes along sidewalks have created a snake infestation in residential areas and have led to an increase in criminal activities such as house burglaries and muggings. The lack of maintenance and upgrades to the water pipelines by the municipality causes regular pipe bursts which leave residents and businesses without water. Areas have extremely low water pressure due to faulty pressure relief valves that have not been fixed by the municipality.”

Gous said that whenever there are power outages, especially after hours, residents are informed that there are no standby electrician teams available to attend to the power failures. “Most streetlights are no longer functional and the roads are in a bad state, filled with potholes which cause damage to vehicles. Residents and surrounding businesses have taken it upon themselves to raise funds to fix the roads. There are no clear street markings, road signs are either damaged or not there and most traffic lights are not functional”

She said it is unacceptable that residents pay rates for services but they do not receive any from the municipality. “The municipal manager must draw up a plan to fix the situation.”