Madibeng siege – employees held hostage by community

Madibeng employees were held hostage in the municipal building in Brits for hours on Tuesday by hundreds of protestors who marched up to the municipality to protest the proposed budget.

Protestors at the municipal office on Tuesday.

According to FF+ councillor, Lardus Klopper, who was locked up with the employees for two hours, the crowd of protestors stormed the building around 14:00, causing municipal security to lock the doors.

“They tried to force the doors open but luckily did not succeed. A number of protestors then lay down in front of the doors, preventing them from being opened. We could not get out anywhere. All the entrances to the building, even the underground parking, were blocked off by protestors,” Klopper said.

He phoned the police from inside and police members and a security service arrived on the scene.

“The protestors grievances were about the proposed budget that did not allocate any money to many communities in the Madibeng area. One of the grievances was that no money was allocated to housing projects for communities who currently live in squatter camps.”

Klopper said most of the employees were calm, but some were panicking. At 16:00, police had to form a cordon to let employees out of the building.

On Wednesday morning, the police and security services were alerted to more protestors gathering for another protest.