The Madibeng municipality has to pay the City of Tshwane R20 million by Thursday, 19 August, or the water supply to the municipality will be restricted, the metro said in a statement on Wednesday.

Madibeng owes the City of Tshwane a whopping R 232 850 396 and its account has not been paid since October 2020.
The City of Tshwane said during a meeting with Madibeng on 23 July 2021, it was agreed that a minimum of R 40 million was to be paid on or before 19 August, as well as the current account of over R7 million and an additional R6 million each month towards the arrears to settle the full account before 31 December 2021.
Madibeng paid R20 million on Wednesday but has to cough up another R20 million today (19 August) to prevent the water supply to be restricted. Tshwane supplies water to outlying areas near Brits and parts of Ga-Rankuwa.
“It was further communicated to the municipality that the electricity accounts should be paid in full and on time. No down-payments is available [sic]. Failure to settle the accounts as per the terms of the agreement will result in the service being disconnected in accordance with the City of Tshwane Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy of July 2019,” the City of Tshwane said.

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