About 1 000 people had to be dispersed by police in an incident where three people were severely assaulted, allegedly by angry community members of Skierlik, in the far east of Mamelodi.

 Police on the crime scene where three people were assaulted by angry community members of Skierlik informal settlement, Mamelodi East.

Mamelodi police have warned the community not to take the law in their own hands after an alleged mob justice incident on Tuesday where two people died and a third was hospitalized.

Gauteng police spokesperson, Mavela Masondo, says they received complaints from residents of Skierlik about a group of people assaulting three men.

Police condemn mob justice
Mamelodi police inspecting the crime scene at Skierlik informal settlement.

“The police rushed to the scene and found about 1 000 community members standing on the railway,” says Masondo.

Backup was called in, with more SAPS as well as  Tshwane Metro Police Department officers responding. They were able to disperse the crowd to get to the crime scene.

In a video circulated on social media, two of the victims can be seen lying on the ground, one of whom appears to have been set alight.

Masondo says two of the victims were declared dead on the scene while a third was taken to hospital by ambulance.

According to police, the victims were accused of committing crime in the area and terrorising the Skierlik community.

Masondo says a case of murder and attempted murder is being investigated and the search is on for those responsible.

“Community members should report any crime to the police. They should stop taking the law into their own hands,” says Masondo.

He advises the community to call the police if they catch suspects to let the law take its course.

Community members were advised to report any crime to the police by dialling 08600 10111.

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