Man flees half naked from robber gang on R513

The large gang of robbers that has been hijacking and robbing unsuspecting motorists on the R513 road to Damdoryn, hit again on Friday when they overpowered two men and held them at knifepoint before robbing them.

The two men from Centrurion stopped along the R513 near Mount Amanzi to fish. A gang of seven men, armed with knives, surprised them while fishing and overpowered them.

“They were threatened at knifepoint and forced into a citrus orchard where they were told to remove their clothes. They were tied up and blindfolded,” said Danie Fourie of the Afiforum neighbourhood watch.

“The robbers took their money and bank cards and told them to do an electronic transfer. When they said they could not do it on their phones, one of the robbers left and returned with a card machine with which the money was transferred.”

One of the men managed to get loose and jumped into the river, fleeing from the robbers while they pelted him with rocks. He managed to cross the river and arrived at Fourie’s house close by only in his underwear.
“When I saw him, I immediately knew what happened. It was not the first half naked man to arrive on my doorstep after being robbed by the gang,” Fourie said.

The police and neighbourhood watch members were called and the second victim was found. The robbers had fled.

“This is the 19th incident in the past eight months. Many religious groups go down to the river near Mount Amanzi for water and others come to fish. Something drastic must be done by the police to find and arrest this gang.”

Kormorant has been regularly reporting about the hijackings and robberies by the gang in this area. We have enquired to the Brits police about possible operations in the area to address the frequent hijackings and robberies in this area. Kormorant is waiting for a response.