Remember ‘Man in the Moon” and Ballyhoo? After 50 years and chart-topping hits, pop-rock band Ballyhoo is still going strong, and one of them, Fergie Ferguson is now living in Hartbeespoort.

Fergie Ferguson (75)

The band still has three of its original members and they play countrywide at a variety of venues.

“We might be old, but we are not cold yet, and as long as we can, we will make music,” says Fergie Ferguson (75) who has made his home in the Kosmos area.

Fergie, Derrick Dryan (75) and Ralph Martin (66) are three of the original six-piece band formed in 1974. During the 70s and 80s they were one of the most popular South African bands on the music circuit. Their all-time hit song ‘Man on the Moon’ was released in 1981 and spent 19 weeks in the top two positions of the music charts.

“And we are still going,” laughs Fergie. “During the 80s the band members started leaving to do their own things. New band members came and went and at one stage it looked like the band was going to totally disband, but Fergie did his best to keep the band going, and it did.

“We are golden oldies, but we still have a following and even young people know ‘Man in the Moon’ and come to our concerts. It is quite surprising and we have a good following in the Afrikaans community. I was recently at an Adam Tas concert at a church in Brits and someone recognised me. The next thing I know, I was called on stage to do a number. I was amazed at the response… Fergie is now big in Brits,” he laughs.

The band still performs weekly all over the country. “After all these years, we are still cool, Fergie laughs. “We lost our egos along the way and we are like brothers. I couldn’t let the band disappear, it was what I loved. I still have a little studio and I do all the marketing and organisation for gigs.” However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fergie also found another job”.

“We couldn’t work and in the process, I lost my house. My daughter and son-in-law opened state-of-the-art panelbeating shops and I moved with them to Hartbeespoort. They have just opened one in Hartbeespoort and I help out when I am needed. I quite enjoy going around Brits and Hartbeespoort and meeting people and it is quite surprising to be still remembered from the old days. He still has a dream for Ballyhoo. I would like to have a full five- or six-piece band again and to release an album. My music will never stop, they will have to shoot me.”

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