A 45-year old man was shot three times in front of his disabled son during an armed robbery on a smallholding in Hartbeespoort on Sunday night.

Trymore Wasarirevhu was shot through the ear and in the legs when two armed men overpowered him on the smallholding in Rietfontein around 17:30. Wasarirevhu and his six-year-old disabled son were alone in the house he rents on the smallholding, when the robbers arrived.

“Trymore sells meat and chicken and two men arrived under the pretext of buying meat. As he went to the fridge, the robbers attacked and shot him. One bullet went through his ear. He was then shot in the legs,” his brother Stanford, told Kormorant.

While the robbers were still in the house, Trymore’s wife and daughter arrived home and the robbers grabbed the wife and beat her with the firearm, demanding money. “She did not have any money and the robbers took a television set, speakers, cash and other belongings before locking the family inside the house and fleeing.”

In the meantime the landlord was informed about the shooting and went to investigate. “I found the family locked inside the house. The man was bleeding and I loaded him into my car to get medical help. Upon leaving the property, shots were fired from the bushes, presumably by the robbers, and a bullet hit my tyre. I did not stop. I drove all the way to the police station,” Morris Chizaura said. The wounded man was taken to the Brits hospital from where he was transferred to the George Mokhari Hopital. He is in a stable condition.

The Hartbeespoort police are investigating cases of attempted murder and armed robbery. No arrest have been made.

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