Man stabbed 26 times with screwdriver during armed robbery

A man from De Wildt was stabbed 26 times with a screwdriver during an armed robbery in a Garankuwa bakery on Monday night.

Willem Lochner (49) and approximately eight workers were overpowered by approximately 15 armed robbers shortly after 22:00.

“I was on a forklift offloading bread when the group came around the corner and pulled me off the forklift,” Willem told Kormorant. “A 9 mm pistol was pushed against my mouth and I was ordered to lie down on the cement. They tied my hands and feet and some of them fetched my co-workers who were also tied up. About 10 of the robbers carried firearms.”

A security guard saw what was happening and ran away and the robbers fired several shots at him. They  searched Willem and his co-workers and took cellphones and cash. “I had just drawn my rent money earlier the evening and it was in my pocket along with my cellphone,” he said.

“Then they wanted information from me and kept stabbing me in the back with a screwdriver. They wanted to know where the panic button was and what the response time of our security company is. They also asked where the tools were. They disappeared into the bakery and ransacked it. When it got quiet after a while, we realised they had gone.”

In the meantime, two workers who arrived at the factory and saw what was happening, turned around and drove to the police station to get help. The police were on the scene soon after.

The robbers had fled with computers and a microwave amongst other things. The police are investigating an armed robbery case.

Willem was taken to a hospital in Pretoria where his wounds were treated. “I am just lucky to be alive.”