The 2021 Mathematics week at Mountain Cambridge School took place from 15 to 19 March and the Grade 4 to AS 2 learners were presented a group challenge in the form of a “House of Riddles” escape room.

Each team had to solve 10 different problems using any and all resources at hand. In this timed challenge the teams had to use their wits, some specialist equipment and in some cases themselves to escape from the “House”. The riddles required the learners to not only use logic and in some cases standard mathematics, but to also look at different colour patterns, listen effectively and in some cases run to the chemistry lab to get a beaker full of water because it might just help.

In addition to the main challenge, learners also had some other activities and lessons. The IGCSE 1 learners had to make Jelly with the vaguest of instructions and recipe. The AS 1 learners showed off their knowledge of quadratics and coordinate geometry, with examples ranging from food, to dance and to a game of Super Mario

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