A desperate businessman had to find a solution to a municipal water line that wastes thousands of litres water per day, and has resulted in a pond on his property. He is now inviting the Madibeng mayor to come fish in his pond.

The pond mostly prevents the roads being flooded.

Jacques Diedericks, owner of Mastersand on the corner of Beethoven Road and the R511, bought the land in January this year with an existing leak. “Because the area was bushy, the leak and “pond” was not visible, but after clearing the land, I had a fish pond on my property,” he said. When Diedericks initially pumped out the water, he discovered a couple of catfish in the pond!
As a result of the continuing leak, the adjacent taxi rank and Beethoven Road are regularly flooded.
Ward councillor Claudie Greenwood-Selby has been trying for the past six months to have the leaked fixed. “I have written countless requests to the municipality to replace the clamp on the water line. The response is always that the municipality does not have the part.”
“I don’t know what to do anymore. So much water is going to waste and all I hear is that the municipality does not have the parts to fix it,” said Diedericks. “I now want the mayor to come and fish in my pond and see for himself what is going on.”
Kormorant is waiting for a response from the municipality.

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