MEC to be requested to intervene in Madibeng

The Democratic Alliance in Madibeng will request the MEC for Cooperative Governance to intervene and ensure that there is actual action taken to improve the state of the Madibeng municipality.

Sewage overflows are a constant problem in Madibeng.

“The Madibeng municipality has been overlooking residents by failing to deliver basic services such as water and sewerage for too long. Madibeng Local Municipality was placed under Section 139(1)(b) intervention by the provincial government with the sole purpose to restore service delivery and the municipality’s finances. This intervention is not yielding any positive results and instead the municipality sinks deeper into trouble,” said Eugene van der Schyff, DA councillor in Madibeng.

“The municipality has failed the 7 500 residents of Elandsrand and Vuka Section, Oukasie by failing to bring basic service delivery to the area. Residents are forced to endure raw sewage flowing into their yards as a result of the blocked pipelines that are not properly maintained and upgraded. Where overflows occur, the municipality refuses to clean up the mess. Raw sewage has been flowing down the Magalies road for the past four weeks and although several requests for intervention have been sent, no action has been taken to fix this. There are constant power outages caused by tree branches falling on the power lines. Only 10% of the street lights are operational. The overgrown sidewalks also make it easy for criminals to prey on residents. Missing street signs are never replaced and street markings are never repainted. Blocked storm water drains are also never cleaned and properly maintained,” he said.

“Two water reservoirs with a combined capacity of 4 million litres were privately built for industrial purposes without approval from the municipality. These reservoirs are filled with water that should go to communities who are experiencing a severe shortage of drinking water. The municipality is aware of these illegal reservoirs but has done nothing to rectify the situation.”

Van der Schyff said municipal workers refuse to attend to any calls after hours or on weekends as they don’t get paid for overtime if they exceed 40 hours. Burst pipes, overflowing sewage or stolen water meters are only fixed during weekdays.

“The senior management has offered little support in the matter and some has also made it clear that they do not engage with councillors on matters of service delivery, nor do they take calls after hours. The municipal manager has also failed to offer assistance and only makes promises to attend to the issues, but fails to do so.”

Kormorant has asked the municipality for comment on Van der Schyff’s statement.